Prof. Dr. Paul Burger

Delegate of the Faculty of Humanities: Professor of Philosophy
Head Sustainability Research Group

Main research topics
  • Theoretical foundations for sustainable development (normative and coupled human nature systems)
  • Governance of Sustainable Development
  • Change of individual behavior in particular of individual energy consumption
  • The role of quality of life in sustainability transformation
Current research projects
  • Sufficiency in daily life (Mercator)
  • SCCER-CREST: Head WP 2 on Change of Behavior
  • SHEDS: Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey
  • Changing mobility patterns (Joint Activity SCCER-CREST & Mobility)
  • Sustainabilization of administrations
  • ASER: A tool for assessing societal risk for business (CTI)
  • Upper Rhine Cluster of Sustainability Research (Interreg-Project)
  • Graduate Academy SERIOR (Interreg-Projekt)
Favorite Courses within the MSD Curriculum

Lecture: Sustainable Development: A new Societal Paradigm?

Current Lectures

Lectures overview current semester


Prof. Dr. Paul Burger

Prof. Dr. Paul Burger
Petersgraben 52
4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 04 03

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