MSD 2010

The program of MSD 2010 has been implemented in fall semester 2010 and represents the second curriculum of this specialized master’s degree. Changes in academia, research and study programs are challenging. Thus, to keep our program attractive and high leveled, the MSD has been modified. Therefore, no admission to MSD 2010 is possible anymore. Details regarding the new program MSD 2017 are online.


For each semester information (in German) are available on detailed course directories, medium-term syllabus and timetables on Downloads MSD 2010.
When organizing their semester programs students should make sure they use the updated versions of the available documents.


The MSD students choose one focus area out of three (according study regulations § 7). For details see structure overview (in German).


The study regulations (Studienordnung) and guidelines (Wegleitung) inform about the formal aspects and regulations of the MSD 2010 (both documents available in German only).

Furthermore, the MSD publishes several fact sheets (e.g. fact sheet on “Recognition of Credit Points”, “Master’s Graduation", applications forms, study progress plan, learning contracts etc.) available in the short list of Downloads MSD 2010