Transfaculty Cross Section Program Sustainable Development (TQNE)

Transfakultäres Querschnittsprogramm Nachhaltige Entwicklung

TQNE Flyer

Students from all degree programs of the University of Basel (from 3d semester on) may participate in the Transfaculty Cross Section Program Sustainable Development (TQNE).

Students are introduced to sustainable development in four different courses. They acquire the ability to distinguish a variety of natural, social and economic aspects of sustainability. The participants learn to recognize interactions between these aspects and to reflect critically on themselves. Methods that are suitable for interdisciplinary contexts are presented and practiced in an appropriate framework. For more information see guidelines of the TQNE (in German).



Upon completion of the entire program (Transfaculty Cross Section Program Sustainable Development) and the enrolled degree program at the University of Basel students may order an additional certificate. For this purpose, they send an email to incl. the graduation document (as attachment) and indicating the adress. The certificate is send by postage.

Teaching structure

A: Lecture with practical course41828: Perspectives of Natural Sciences on Sustainability (each fall semester)3 CP
B: Lecture with practical course41829: Perspectives of Social Sciences on Sustainability (each fall semester)3 CP
C: Lecture with practical course43700: Perspectives of Economics on Sustainability (each spring semester)3 CP
D: Seminar43701: Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability   
(each spring semester)
3 CP