Coordination office MSD

As a central point of contact, the coordination office MSD is available to interested and registered students for advice and questions concerning the MSD program.
Additionally, the office performs public relations work, ensures smooth execution of the classes and is the contact point for the relevant faculty representatives.


Office closed  (during public holidays, vacations, other commitments): 07. June 23;  14. June - 09. July 23  Subject to modifications.

Access to the office: drop-in office hours: in the morning: Tues & Thur: 09 to 12 a.m.;  in the afternoon: Mon - Thur: 03 to 05 p.m.

Working days: Monday to Thursday. Available by phone: Tues & Thur: 09 to 12 a.m.; in the afternoon: Mon - Thur: 03 to 05 p.m. Subject to modifications, also see section "office closed".

Individual study counseling on agreement. Ask for an appointment (will be done by zoom or at the office).



coordination office MSD/PtS

Coordination Office MSD
Master's Degree in Sustainable Development
Vesalgasse 1, 2nd floor
4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 04 20

For details regarding office hours see section "availability" (on the left).

Camelia Chebbi, Head Coordination Office MSD

Camelia Chebbi heads the coordination office of the Master's program in Sustainable Development since February 2005. Previously, she worked on a project with the Swiss Red Cross in Bolivia with special focus on organizational development and public health. As a research assistant at the seminar of anthropology at the University of Basel, Camelia Chebbi dealt with socio-cultural aspects of sustainable tourism development in the South. Before that, she was managing coordinator of the Frauenstadtrundgang Basel. Her commitment to the problems of indigenous peoples led to her joining the Danish NGO International Work Group of Indigenous Affairs  (IWGIA) as Swiss representative on the international board. She also worked for several years as a department assistant at the Museum der Kulturen (Dep. of the Americas, Basel).

She graduated at the University of Basel with a Master of Arts (formerly: licentiate) in Cultural Anthropology and Spanish Philology after stays in Spain, Neuchâtel and a field research in Costa Rica. Furthermore, she completed a postgraduate degree in development and cooperation at the ETH Zurich (MAS International Development, 2004), and one in Non Profit-Public Management at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (MAS NPPM, 2015).

She is the winner of the Teaching Excellence Award 2019/category ‚Dienst an der Lehre'