The University of Basel offers different possibilities to study sustainability at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD-level:

  • You can take a course dealing with sustainability within one specific discipline. Offers are available each semester. For details see the general course directory and consider the participation requirements of the course in question.
  • Students eager to learn basics on sustainable development can pass the short program calledPathways to Sustainability" (TQNE) (4 basic courses, 12 CP) considering sustainability perspectives from different disciplines, such as natural sciences, social sciences and economics. More
  • Students who like to earn sound knowledge on sustainable development may register for the specialized Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development MSD (120 CP) if they fulfill the admission requirements. Learn more about the current program!
  • TALES in Sustainability: Identifying challenges, analysing approaches and assessing future strategies. More
  • A PhD is possible either in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences or Economics. For details see websites of the faculties.