Kim Berrendorf, Alumni MSD

Focus area in Economics

Kim Berrendorf

The MSD was for me a versatile experience which expanded my horizon, taught me to think outside the box and be critical. It enabled me to broaden my professional knowledge and apply interdisciplinary skills.

Title master's thesis: Personality and Communication as Influential Factors for Sustainable Urban Development.

Current employment: Communication Specialist Sustainability at Baloise Group - Founder of KimiB.Good

Juli Lienert

Focus area in social sciences

Juri Lienert

The MSD was for me a great time to learn in small groups about sustainability from different disciplinary angles. I enjoyed the flexibility and the freedom to define my own profile by having the opportunity to select from a broad range of courses.

Title master's thesis: Assessing Ecosan in the Context of Quality of Life – A Case Study about the Introduction of Ecosan in Bhutan.

Current employment: Project coordinator of the Blue Diversion Autarky project at Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

Jeanine Riesen MSD Alumni

Focus area in Social Sciences

Jeanine Riesen

The MSD was for me a diverse course of studies, which encourages lateral-thinking and illustrates chances and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Title master's thesis: Strategieziele für eine Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Erarbeitung von strategischen Meta-Zielen für kommerzielle wissenserzeugende Organisationen.

Current employment: Deputy director /Founder of Weit & Breitsicht GmbH, Solothurn

Tobias Spring Alumni MSD

Focus Area in Social Sciences

Tobias Spring

The MSD was for me in its breadth and multidisciplinarity the only program I could imagine. As Faust would say: "Was hält die Welt im innersten zusammen?"

Title master's thesis: Der Einfluss moderner Formen urbaner Landwirtschaft auf die nachhaltige Entwicklung von Basel-Stadt

Current employment: Co-leader Energy and Resources, Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt

Michael Bühren MSD Alumni

Focus area in Natural Sciences

Michael Bührer

The MSD was for me a disciplinary enrichment and a broadening of the horizon.

Title master's thesis: Solarstrom - Vorhersage und Markteinbindung

Current employment: Senior Key Account Manager bei meteoblue AG; and Project Manager Movement e.V

Sara Stühlinger MSD Alumni

Focus area in Economics

Sara Stühlinger

The MSD was for me a huge enrichment, as it allowed me to see the bigger picture.

Title master's thesis: Verstärkung oder Verdrängung - Eine empirische Untersuchung der Beziehung von Corporate Social Responsibility und Corporate Philanthropy am Beispiel US-amerikanischer Unternehmen

Current employment: PhD at the Center for Philanthropy Studies/University of Basel

Joao Almeida MSD Alumni

Focus area in Economics

João Almeida

The MSD was for me a huge inspiration, for my professional as well as for my private life. I received all the instruments I needed to be successfull in the last years.

Title master's thesis: Food Losses and Waste in Switzerland. A Quantitative Assessment.

Current employment: Partner/Founder, project manager and member of the board of Foodways Consulting GmbH, Bern

Ann-Kathrin Hess MSD Alumna

Focus area in social sciences

Ann-Kathrin Hess

The MSD was for me a great opportunity to gain insights from different disciplines on the topic of energy transitions. These insights, and a focus on quantitative social science research, provided a sound base for my PhD. Last but not least, I met lots of nice and interesting fellow students!

Title master's thesis: Energy Consumption Practices - Evidence from Switzerland.

Current employment: PhD candidate, Sustainability Research Group, University of Basel

Thomas Mani MSD Alumni

Focus area in Natural Sciences

Thomas Mani

The MSD was for me the best option to enter the scientific discourse of sustainability and to acquire a master's degree in this field.

Title master's thesis: Microplastic in the Rhine between Basel and Rotterdam.

Current employment: PhD at MGU/Environmental Sciences/University of Basel.

Fanny Frei MSD Alumni

Focus area in Natural Sciences

Fanny Frei

The MSD was for me the access to intredisciplinarity in sustainability and energy topics. As well as the challenge to evaluate relevant issues from different perspectives.

Title master's thesis: Scenario Analysis of the Swiss Passenger Car Sector from a Sustainability Perspective.

Current employment: Project Manager in Product Innovation, VBZ (Public Transport Services of the City of Zurich)

Arne Menn, Sustainability Office

Focus Area in Social Sciences

Arne Menn

The MSD was for me a thought-provoking learning environment and an indispensable basis for my work in the field of sustainability.

Title Master's Thesis: Lebensstile und suffiziente Mobilität. Eine empirische Lebensstilanalyse zur Untersuchung suffizienten Verhaltens und der Anschlussfähigkeit für Suffizienz im Mobilitätsbereich

Current employment: Head of Sustainability Office, University of Basel; Co-Founder of sustainable///sports