BSc Hagar Hamed

Delegate of the students' committee: Grouping V

Bachelor in Economics with a minor in Business Administration 


Hagar did her Bachelors degree in Economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC), and studied as well at the California State University Northridge. Previously, she worked as Business Analyst for a Middle East think tank in the realm of economics and trade, geo-politics, sustainable development and public policy. 

  • Student representative in the teaching committee (TC)

  • Student’s committee MSD board member

Current self-research topic

Energy Digitalization: Smart Meter Technology's impact on energy efficiency and consumption behavior

Favorite course within the MSD curriculum

Environmental Ethics and Intergenerational Justice

International Trade, Resources, and the environment


The MSD with its interdisciplinary nature is an exceptional program to gain a holistic perspective of the various problems in our global system and what it takes to offer sustainable solutions. The MSD caters for anyone who wants to enrich their knowledge on sustainability issues.

H. Hamed
Hamed Hagar

H. Hamed

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