Prof. Dr. Frank C. Krysiak

Delegate of the Faculty of Economics: Professor in Environmental Economics


    SCCER CRES, head

    Research Network

    Research Network Sustainable Future Univ. of Basel

    Main research topics
    • Design of energy and climate policy
    • Policy induced technological change
    • Economic concepts of sustainability
    Current research projects
    • Reducing Swiss Household Energy Demand: Social Norms and Information
    • Policy-Induced Technology Transitions: Market and Investment Dynamics
    • Climate change extremes and adaptation strategies
    Favorite course within the MSD curriculum

    Core Lecture: Sustainable Development: Introduction into Topics and Approaches

    Current lectures

    Lecture overview current semester

    Sustainability is the challenge to balance risks and chances. We can change the world for better by developing new technologies and better institutions. But every change includes a risk that we (unintentionally) harm our descendants.

    Prof. Dr. Frank C. Krysiak

    Prof. Dr. Frank Krysiak
    Peter Merian-Weg 6
    4002 Basel

    Tel: +41 61 207 33 60