Master's thesis MSD

Since the beginning in 2005 more than 200 master’s theses have been realized. Topics range from resilience to foodwaste, consumer behavior, water kiosks, microplastics, environmental ethics, renewable resource markets, invasive fishes etc. The presented cases are from Switzerland and from all over the world. 

The classic catalogue of the University library lists up the realized master’s theses (a list is available as download).

MSD students discuss their choice of the research topic with the responsible faculty member. They have two options:

  1. Students choose a topic out of a list, published by the involved research groups:
  2. or they present a topic defined by themselves.

In any case, a fact sheet informs about the criteria a master’s thesis has to meet and how students have to apply. For details see download sections (according enrolled program, fact sheet Master's Graduation MSD 2017 available as draft).