Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm

Delegate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences:  Professor of Biology
Head Man-Society-Environment  MSE (MGU) 

  • Mentor Swiss National Study Foundation
  • Commission of the Natural History Museum Basel
  • Swiss Delegate Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission
  • and many more
Research Network

Research Network Sustainable Future Univ. of Basel

Main research topics

Anthropogenic influences on aquatic ecosystems

Current research projects
  • Microplastics - occurence and effects on aquatic organisms
  • Invasive gobies in Rhine river and tributaries
Favorite courses within the MSD curriculum

Core lecture: Sustainable Development: Introduction Into Topics and Approaches
Field trip: Marine Biological Considerations at the Strait of Gibraltar

Current lectures

Lectures overview current semester

Studying the Master's Degree in Sustainable Development means to learn how to develop concepts, find solutions and prepare the ground for a more sustainable world.

Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm

Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm
Vesalgasse 1
4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 04 02